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Revolutionary Keeper Cargo Bag

Keeper 07203-1 Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bag

Keeper’s Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bag is the ideal accessory for the family on the go, adventurous couples, and anyone looking for that added space while traveling. Don’t limit what you can take with you when away from home, carry it safely and securely where ever you go. With 15 Cubic Feet of protected storage you’ll have room for your luggage, gear and more, all being protected from road grit, sun, wind and rain while on the go.

Overall size is 44” x 34” x 17” and made of rubber laminated nylon, with attachment points on all four sides. Designed to fit all roof racks with attachment capabilities on all four sides, if less than four, caution needs to be taken for secure attachment. Soft-sided design allows for easy storage when not in use.

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Push Pull Rotate Door Locks

Brinks Push Pull Rotate Door Locks

Push Pull Rotate™ the hands-full door lock from Brinks Home Security. The only door lock that opens 3 ways. Push it, pull it, or rotate it. With an elbow, hip or finger you can open the door by simply pushing on the handleset from the outside or pulling on the knob from the inside. You can also rotate the knob the traditional way.

Installation is easy and they fit all standard doors. You only need a Phillips screwdriver and a few minutes to dramatically improve the function and appearance of your home.

They also come with a lifetime warranty for defects in material or workmanship.

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Portable Security

Brinks Home Security Portable Security

As a trusted brand in security products, the Brinks Home Security™ name is synonymous with peace of mind, strength, trust, safety, and quality. Our products deliver reliable performance, are easy to use and install, and offer an outstanding value. Every Brinks Home Security™ product is designed to keep your home, loved ones, and your valuables safe by exceeding rigorous ASTM testing standards, and using the highest quality materials to provide you with years of worry free use.

Every padlock also comes with a lifetime warranty for defects in material or workmanship.

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